How your sports background will help you learn to kiteboard

Surfers, windsurfers, wakeboarders, sailors, skiers, and snowboarders, listen up! If you have a background in any of these sports, kiteboarding will be a breeze. Surfers –Ever dreamed of catching waves from the outside before anyone else even sees them (WITHOUT PADDLING!!!)? Or how about being able to power around those messy closeout sections that you […]

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Is Foiling the Future of Kiteboarding?

Foiling has taken over the kiteboarding industry. This style of riding offers maximum freedom for 3 reasons: 1) Go where ever you want very quickly. It is twice as easy to track upwind and downwind on foil than when on rail. While riding, you can average 18mph and even faster on more efficient foils. 2) Maximize […]

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