Central Florida

Central Florida is packed with amazing kitesurfing spots, and is arguably one of the best kiteboarding destinations in Florida. There is a spot to ride for just about every wind direction, and you’ll never have to drive too far to find the perfect spot. In this area, you’ll find kite spots that rival the Outer Banks and Cape Hatteras.

The temperature can vary depending on the time of year and wind direction. Most of the year, the temperature is fairly warm and full of onshore seabreezes and strong southeast winds. Winter brings chilly North to Northeast winds, large waves in the ocean and great flat water in the intracoastal waterways. A full suit should be enough to keep you warm. You may want to invest in some warm gloves as well for the winter months.

Our favorite kite spot in Central Florida is Cocoa Beach. It’s a short drive from Orlando and the ideal conditions for lessons, especially around the Banana River area. Check out all of the locations below to find detailed information on each kite spot.

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