Manatee Park Kiteboarding


Located in Cape Canaveral on the NE end of the Banana River south of 528. There is a massive open field ideal for flying trainer kites and riding land boards on west winds. A large portion of the water access is obstructed by a large boardwalk and mangroves but there are entrances on both sides of the park. There is a deep channel near the beach extending about 50 feet out and then it is really shallow beyond that as far you can go. This is one of the most amazing spots to watch the sunset. Setup south of the parking lot and there is a small place to walk through to the water on the far south end near the water treatment plant. If you edge about 100 yards out toward the 528 Causeway, there is a really shallow bar that creates a really nice slick when the river level is low.
PRECAUTIONS: Intermediate to Avanced level riding without boat assistance. This spot has a very technical launch. Watch out for the mangroves and boardwalk! Use extreme caution entering and exiting the water.
WIND DIRECTIONS: Best for SW winds. Good for S, SSW, W, and NW.

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Good Breeze Kiteboarding has been offering kiteboarding lessons and equipment in the Cocoa Beach area since 2007. The shallow flat water of the Banana River gives the area an incredible appeal for learning and catching any wind direction. They teach with water-craft support with IKO certified instructors.  The “surf town” vibe of Cocoa Beach is really laid back and friendly. Being central in Florida with close proximity to Orlando and Melbourne, makes the area a killer location for a kiteboarding shop and school. It is fully stocked so swing by! Located just north of the big Ron Jon Surf Shop. They also offer Hydrofoil and EFoil Lessons!  

110 Dixie Lane
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
Phone: 321-252-5483

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