The Seinyard Kiteboarding


A flat water spot only 30 miles from Tallahasse, FL


This spot has miles and miles of slicks, lagoons and rivers to explore and works from August to June in our predominant wind directions NE, E & SE as well as the occasional and notoriously gusty NW and N. The flat water has minimal chop and is comparable to the waist deep Hatteras sounds, and then butter flat slicks on the inside of these sounds. The only pitfall is that since the wind blows over some low lying land it is ever so slightly lighter than the wind found in open water.

There is a small parking lot where you should launch from with the major slick directly upwind. The spot is even beginner friendly! Note that is hard to distinguish the different between land and sea from the map and I know it looks like a shit hole from the air but you have to see it.

Whilst there are none of the large Oyster beds that are found in other areas, there are a minimal amount of patches that will need to be mapped out. Mostly though the water is waste deep with a sandy bottom.

While this area will always have the brown brackish water, the area is actually untouched and beautiful with an abundance of wildlife.

PRECAUTIONS: Watch for Oyster Beds!!

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