Huguenot Park Kiteboarding


This is a park just north of Jacksonville and cost a whopping $0.50 per person (price may have increased). Beach driving is allowed within the park. This is also a popular camp site and has a grill/shop located within the park.

One of the amazing things about this area is the flat water “bowls” that lie west of the dunes. These bowls provide a small area for flat water riding. The inside lagoon at Huguenot Park is sometimes referred to as the “Mud Hole”. There is a slick mushy bottom near the shoreline that sticks to your feet and can also be extremely slippery. It can be good on SE, SW, W, and NW winds and only at high tide.  The Inlet area also offers some great flat water riding but make sure the tide is opposing the wind so you do not loose power.

Huguenot Park usually has large open areas of beach for kite flying. The sand can be hard packed, making it a good location for land kiting at low tide. On a strong SE or S wind with swell, the north jetty is an amazing kitesurfing break. The jetty blocks a lot of the chop, allowing for glassy conditions. The waves can break all the way down the beach on high tide.

The north point at Huguenot Park is one of the best kiteboarding spots in northeast Florida. It is very similar to Matanzas Inlet. The Inlet water flattens out on the inside during the outgoing tide with large waves on the outside. This creates excellent flat water and wave riding in the same spot! Be careful of dropping your kite or losing your board in this spot during the outgoing tide. The swift moving current can quickly suck your board out to sea or move your kite upwind, making it impossible to relaunch.

Huguenot is great because it is possible to kiteboard in almost all wind directions.  The land produce gusty conditions with fairly long period gust and lulls during West winds.

PRECAUTIONS: Watch out for oysters. There is one big oyster mound in the middle of the pond. The water is also fairly shallow in spots so be careful when boosting. Offshore winds can be very gusty! Only advanced riders should ride in offshore winds. It is best to only ride in offshore winds if you have a kayak, boat or standup paddleboard for rescue. If anything happens in offshore winds, you will be pushed out to sea. Make sure you have someone with you and watch out for each other.

WIND DIRECTIONS: It is best on an outgoing tide if the wind is from the N, NE, E, or SE. The outgoing tide with an onshore wind helps add power for kiteboarders due to the speed of the current running through the Inlet. The opposing forces create an “upwind elevator” and adds extra power to a relatively light wind.



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