Mayport Poles Kiteboarding


Just on the south side of the St. John’s River, inside Hanna Park, is a very popular surf spot. Known as the “The Poles”. It is an awesome Kiteboarding spot due to its ability to turn a stormy north swell into clean left-hand lines. To get there from Jacksonville Beach, simply drive north on A1A. From Fernandina you have to take the Mayport Ferry across the St. John’s River. It costs $4 per car. After crossing follow the signs to A1A. When you get to Mayport Road, head north and toward Mayport Naval Base. Katherine Abbey Hanna Park is about two miles down the road. It costs a buck per person to enter. A few steps to the north is the Mayport Naval Base.

The beach curves outward toward the Mayport Inlet’s South Jetty. The jetty is about a quarter-mile to the north and can turn a raging northeaster into a clean swell. The beach curves out to the east which can turn the wind slightly side-offshore on N or NNW winds, creating glassy surface conditions with good wave riding. It breaks best on low tide coming in. It offers showers, camping, bike trails, canoeing and more than its fair share of the local surfing populace. Kitesurfers may want to stay near the jetty to avoid currents.

PRECAUTIONS: STAY CLEAR OF THE SURFERS! They are very protective over this spot. Watch out for military police on the beach, as it is adjacent to Mayport Naval Air Station.

WIND DIRECTIONS: It is good in any S, SE, N, NE, NNW winds.

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