Accessible by boat minutes away from Hawks Cay Resort. Large area full of smooth shallow water that has a huge kiteable wind direction. The bottom is a mixture of shallow sandy areas and grassy areas  that you can see from the air, making it perfect for polishing up on your jumping skills and judging distances while you are in the air. The area is relatively close to a viewing area at the resort, perfect for showing off your aerial tricks. On a south east to south wind you can go out to a little deeper water to get into some waves.
High temperatures typically stay around the 80's. The wintertime comes with highs in the 70's with temperatures dropping down into the 50's on some nights
PRECAUTIONS: Booties or foot protection are not necessary but recommended for beginners due to some sharp rocks and scattered Rock, Pincushion, and Longspine Urchins. Watch for the occasional lobster trap and buoy. There are power lines by the bridge but there is a ton of room to kite and no reason to get close to them. Some times the current can be relatively strong so be careful in light winds.
WIND DIRECTIONS: From South all the way to north and around to south west. Almost 360 degrees.


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