Kite Beach Jupiter Kiteboarding


Kite Beach is the local kiteboarding spot for Jupiter, FL. This area is known for its large shore pound. Kite Beach is a great spot to Kitesurf in the Jupiter area. It is located on A1A at marker 33. There is a sand ramp that offers easy access with SUPs and kayaks. The showers/stairs have white numbers posted on them and 33 is where all the kiting goes down. Kite Beach is slightly North of the Juno Pier.  You can park anywhere along side of A1A, but sometimes it is hard to get a spot close to the stairs. There is also a spot called corners, which is located north of kite beach around shower 21. However, because the beach erosion is worse at corners most kiters stay at kite beach. A shower is the only amenity so bring food and/or drink.

PRECAUTIONS: All skill levels are able to ride at kite beach but the shore pound can get very large. No certification or waiver is needed. Please be respectful when you ride at kite because it can get crowded on windy days and weekends.

WIND DIRECTIONS: People will ride in any winds except for WESTERLY winds. However N, S, NE and SE winds are often the best rides. It is windiest from September – May. In the summer wind is light and very unpredictable. Nice waves can sometimes be found in the winter months.

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